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I had this website created to help you navigate the properties offered in the beautiful East Tennessee area.  Contact me if you want additional information or sign up for market data to be emailed to you.

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    Nice To Meet You! I’m Bill Long


    My East Tennessee roots run deep; I was born and raised in the beautiful Sequoyah Hills area and have lived in Knoxville all my life. I developed a solid business foundation while majoring in Accounting at The University of Tennessee, and while still in school, I worked up to the level of manager at the Laundrateria, my father’s side business to teaching at UT.

    I was drawn to Real Estate because it allowed me to combine my interests in homes, market research, and finance with my love for building great relationships with people. I stay involved in our local Real Estate community and have been a long-term member of the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors (KAAR) and KAAR-CIE, the commercial real estate branch of the organization. I recently attained the designation of Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist from the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing, giving my client’s properties access to a wealth of resources for there upper tier property.

    East Tennessee Home


    Having lived in East Tennessee my entire life, I know it’s culture and communities inside and out. I take great pride in the warm and welcoming people of this region, and the abundance of natural resources. I’m usually never far from the outdoors, and in my free time, I enjoy boating on Lake Loudoun, spending time on the golf course, or heading to the beach. I’m an avid nature photographer and lover of music (shhh… I may have played bass in a band in the seventies), and my favorite people to spend time with are my wife (who is also a licensed Realtor® and the director of a real estate marketing group), two lovely daughters and sons-in-law, three amazing grandchildren, and two grand dogs.

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    Love Of Learning


    I’m a naturally curious person, and although I’ve been in the field of Real Estate for over 40 years, I always find something new to discover. I never tire of conducting market research, getting to know fellow professionals in all areas of the industry, and watching Knoxville change and grow. I like having a good working knowledge of all parts of Real Estate, and my journey to stay involved and informed is constant. I’m never bored!

    I love passing along my knowledge to my clients in a way they can understand, anticipating what they’ll need to know. I pay attention to details, and keep the process moving forward smoothly and accurately. No matter which type of client I’m representing – Buyer or Seller – I care about all parties involved.